Intercultural Awareness and Communications for Construction

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Onno’s Intercultural Awareness course covers the basics of Intercultural Awareness and Communciations skills as well as language training to communicate with staff and team members who speak English as a second language within the Construction Industry.

This course can be adapted to include a special focus on worksite communications, office based communications, induction delivery, and other aspects of the industry. This will be organised and agreed before delivery.


This course runs for closed groups or teams. It is delivered in a 3-hour session on-site. Online and webinar options are available if requested.

To book or for available dates, please contact Onno directly.

Perfect for:

  • Those working in construction who deal with staff/teams from other countries
  • Those working to develop inclusion plans and support for non-native staff
  • Those working in multilingual or multicultural teams

Training aims and format:

  • To give you an understanding of the differences between global cultures and the impact of this on our communication and dealings with staff and partners
  • To give you the skills to enhance your cross-cultural communication, ensuring the best possible outcomes in multicultural and multilingual environments, based on an understanding of why problems occur and how to prevent them
  • This training will give you experience of applying the knowledge to your work context and skills to effectively use this going forward

Benefits of this training:

  • Improved communication in your team and with your staff
  • Confidence in speaking to people with other languages
  • Increased morale and subsequently more productivity among staff
  • Skills to address workplace issues relating to misunderstood diversity
  • Business advantage by understanding potential problems
  • Learning to gain staff trust and build stronger relationships
  • Help to avoid accidents and possible litigation

Participants will receive:

  • Training in intercultural awareness and communications with a focus on how this can affect the construction sector
  • Tips and information to help you communicate and build relationships more effectively, independently of any cultural or linguistic barriers
  • A set of material to keep after the event
  • A certificate of participation

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