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Onno’s Diversity and Inclusion training course covers where bias originates and how to deal with this, followed by the benefits of diversity, and how we can be more diverse and inclusive both in work and in our personal lives.

This course is delivered in partnership with Ohcul recruitment and includes an introduction to Inclusive Recruitment and the benefits of this for candidates and the company.


This course runs for closed groups or teams. It is delivered in a 3-hour session on-site. Online and webinar options are available if requested.

To book or for available dates, please contact Onno directly.

Perfect for:

  • Those working with clients and partners from other countries
  • Those working in multilingual or multicultural teams
  • Those working to develop inclusion plans and support for staff, from recruitment through to staff retention

Training aims and format:

  • To give you an awareness of your unconscious bias and how this affects us, along with skills to tackle this bias
  • To give you an understanding of the benefits of diversity and inclusion, including practical steps to take to effectively use this going forward
  • To start to create a more inclusive organisation with D&I champions who can be role models for the rest of the team in spreading the message

Benefits of this training:

  • Skills to build a more diverse workforce and a fairer workplace for all
  • Increased innovation and creativity through more diverse teams
  • Increased morale and subsequently more productivity among staff
  • Skills to engage staff to contribute and create best practices together
  • Learning to build an environment where you can retain happy staff
  • An improved company reputation
  • Higher earnings for your company through implementing D&I initiatives

Participants will receive:

  • Training in unconscious bias and how to counter this
  • Tips and information to help you create a more inclusive environment, both in your professional and personal life
  • A set of material to keep after the event
  • A certificate of participation

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