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Specialists in communication solutions

Onno Training curates and delivers training solutions for both private and public organisations of all shapes and sizes. We do this both in-house, and at conferences and regional workshops.

We specialise in communications solutions: Intercultural Communications training, Unconscious Bias training and language solutions, including language teaching, translations, and Communicating in Simple English for International Business.

High quality training

Onno has worked with companies and individuals both here and abroad for the last decade. We work with a variety of sectors but specialise in education, construction and sports.

Onno also works with educational institutions across the UK to deliver training for teachers, lecturers and support staff to improve communications with students (and their families) from other countries.

Onno’s Unconscious Bias training is an engaging way to open minds to the many advantages of inclusion and to learn about how we can all benefit from a more inclusive and understanding workplace. Our work with Inclusive Recruitment processes and training also supports companies wanting to open up to a greater talent pool in an effective and sustainable way.

Our training solutions
help people in business:

  • To gain maximum benefit from their multi-lingual and multi-cultural teams, building better communications across the board

  • To ensure correct and efficient communication with clients from around the world by understanding cultural differences and the implications of the language we use

  • To access country-specific advice for clients and partners in different countries
  • To support staff with English language training for both native and non-native speakers of English

  • To access and engage with a greater talent pool and to truly include them in the business
  • To work on unconscious bias to discover how this may be hindering the company’s progress and find effective solutions to move forward

Professional and qualified

Onno was founded by Kellie Noon. Kellie is an expert in language and communication: she has a MA Licentiate degree in French, a MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (with a specialism in Teacher Education) and is a member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting, who she collaborates with on assessing new translators as well as offering translation services. Kellie also holds ‘Fellow’ status with the Higher Education Academy here in the UK.

Onno also offers bespoke training solutions: please contact Kellie to discuss your needs – [email protected]

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